X9674 Hornby Spare Motor + Worms for Class 37 47 55 59 66 73 101 121 153 156



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Smooth Running 5 Pole Can Motor with 2 Worm Gears and Suppression Capacitor to fit:

Railroad Class 37 Locomotives R2775 – Hornby Service Sheet No.331

Class 37 Locomotives R3289TTS – Hornby Service Sheet No.412

Class 47 Locomotives R1093, R1172, R3134, R3153, R3287TTS, R3393TTS, R3697, R3905, R3906, R3907 – Hornby Service Sheet No.309/D/E

Class 55 Deltic Locomotives R1092, R2879 – Hornby Service Sheet No.334B

Class 59 Locomotives R2519, R2520, R2521, R2861 – Hornby Service Sheet No.294/B/C

Class 66 Locomotives R2650, R2651, R2652, R2954, R3042, R3076, R3182 – Hornby Service Sheets No.311, No.368 and No.369B

Class 73 Locomotives R2516, R2517, R2518, R2654, R2655, R2656, R2765, R2766, R2767, R3045, R3136, R3137 – Hornby Service Sheets No.296/B/D and No.320/C

Class 101 Locomotives R2578, R2578A, R2579, R2579A, R2696, R2697, R2698 – Hornby Service Sheets No.301E and No.323

Class 121 Locomotives R2508, R2508A, R2509, R2509A, R2510, R2668, R2769, R2770, R2771, R3665, R3915 – Hornby Service Sheet No.292B/C and No.322/C

Class 153 Locomotives R2756, R2756X, R2757, R2757X, R2758, R2758X, R2759, R2759X, R2792, R2792X, R2866, R2866X, R3214 – Hornby Service Sheet No.329/D

Class 156 Locomotives R2511, R2512, R2513, R2693, R2694, R2695, R2950 – Hornby Service Sheet No.303B/C

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