X8019SK L5698 Hornby Spare Chassis Bottom + Screws for 0-6-0 Locomotives



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Spare Hornby part to fit 0-6-0 Locomotives R165, R316, R351, R382, R722, R722W, R760, R760A, R760B, R2006Q, R2007W, R2008, R2111, R2123, R2155A, R2155B, R2155C, R2163, R2164A, R2164B, R2186A, R2186B, R2186C, R2198A, R2239, R2256, R2274, R2324, R2325, R2328A, R2328B, R2333, R2334, R2400A, R2401, R2468, R2469, R2534, R2540, R2541, R2546, R2657, R2658, R2674 – and many many more! Life is too short to compile a complete list. Please check out your locomotive’s service sheet to ensure you are getting the correct part.

Hornby’s website mentions the following locomotives as well: Class 08, Class J13, Class J83, Class J52, GWR 2721, Class 3F, Thomas, Duck, Devious/Bert/’Arry Deisels

Hornby Service Sheets No.201, No.264, No.278, No.291, No.308, No.348, No.349 – and probably more of these as well!

This part will NOT fit super detail 0-6-0 Locomotives.

Please note: you chassis may not have “DCC Fitted” printed on the underside, as in the stock photo from Hornby. However, this makes absolutely no difference to the chassis as it is a plastic part, and is identical for both DCC fitted and not.

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