X9332 Hornby Spare Draincocks Decorated Cylinder Pipes for Class A4 A3 A1



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Hornby Spare Part to fit Class A4 Locomotives R1064M, R2338, R2339, R2340, R2373, R2445, R2484, R2494, R2535, R2615, R2688, R2721, R2794M, R2798, R2825, R2826, R2906, R2909, R2910, R3008, R3012, R3095, R3103, R3131, R3196, R3197, R3198, R3199, R320, R3201; A1 and A3 Class Locomotives R2953, R3080, R3081, R3099, R3100, R3250

Hornby Service Sheets No.275/E, No.284/B, No.358B/C, No.388/B and No.394

Shipping Band A