X6590 Hornby Spare 4 Oval Metal Buffers on 2 Buffer Beams for 2BIL 2-BIL EMU



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Hornby Spare Part to fit Hornby 2-BIL EMUs R3162, R3177

2 Buffer Beams with metal oval buffers, suitable for 2-BIL EMUs. The
buffers are described by Hornby as being sprung buffers, but it is the
sprung piece of plastic which forms part of the end of your unit’s
chassis which provides the springing method. The buffers themselves are
loose fitting in their buffer stems so that they can move in and out
although they won’t come out without a lot of hard pulling, which is why
Hornby now offer these buffers with the buffer beam. The ‘springiness’
is provided by the sprung plastic at the end of your unit’s chassis.

2-BIL shown on Service Sheet No.393. These are very similar to X6586 for
2-HALs and 2-BIL R3161, but they are slightly different. 2-HAL is shown on Service Sheet

Hornby Service Sheet No.393

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