X5069 Hornby Spare Coupler Assembly Class A1 A3 A4 31 50 60 75000 Grange + more



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 Coupler assembly for a wide variety of models. Models including Class 50, Class A1, A3 and A4, Class 31, Class 60, Grange Class, Class 75000 and likely many more!

Hornby Service Sheet No.270: Class 50 Locomotives: R2348, R2349, R2374, R2408, R2427, R2428, R2474, R2486, R2487, R2575, R2641, R2748, R2749, R2793, R3054, R3263, R3264, R3471

Hornby Service Sheet No.275: Class A4 Locomotives: R1064M, R2338, R2339, R2340, R2373, R2445, R2484, R2494, R2535, R2615, R2688, R2721, R2794M, R2798, R2825, R2826

Hornby Service Sheet No.276: Class 31 Locomotives: R2413, R2413A, R2420, R2420A, R2421, R2526, R2571, R2572, R2573, R2649, R2753, R2754, R2963, R2963X, R3044, R3044X

Hornby Service Sheet No.279: Grange Class Locomotives: R2402, R2403, R2404, R2502, R2547, R2548, R3209, R3219

Hornby Service Sheet No.284: Class A1 A3 Locomotives: R2341, R2342, R2405, R2441, R2536, R2549, R2569, R2598

Hornby Service Sheet No.286: Class 60 Locomotives: R2488, R2489, R2490, R2577, R2604, R2639, R2640, R2746, R2747, R2883, R3051, R3141, R3150, R3479

Hornby Service Sheet No.337: Class 75000 Locomotives: R2714, R2714X, R2715, R2715X, R2716, R2716X, R3016, R3016X

Hornby Service Sheet No.358: Class A4 Locomotives: R2906, R2909, R2910, R3008, R3012, R3095, R3103, R3131

Hornby Service Sheet No.388: Class A1 A3 Locomotives: R2953, R2966, R3013, R373, R3080, R3081, R3099, R3100, R3132, R3202, R3250

Hornby Service Sheet No.394: Class A4 Locomotives: R3196, R3197, R3198, R3199, R3200, R3201

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