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HJ2259/15 Hornby Jouef Underframe for SNCF BB 26075 IS7c – SNCF, locomotive électrique BB 26075 – Service Sheet HJBS-219 – £9.99ea = £19.98

HJ2259/10 Hornby Jouef Spare 4 Bogie Sides for Electric Loco SNCF BB 26075 IS31i – SNCF, locomotive électrique BB 26075 – Service Sheet HJBS-219 £8.99

HJ2140/10 Hornby Jouef Pickups + Frame for Diesel Locomotive CC 72084 SNCF IS23f – CC 72084, LIVRÉE BLEUE À PLAQUES – Service Sheet HJBS-30 £6.99

HJ2101/11 Hornby Jouef Traction Tyres for CC72040 Multiservice Sigle Casquette Livery IS10.3 Service Sheet No.389 £8.99

HS1224 Hornby Rivarossi Traction Tyres Pack of 10 LOCO ELETT CC 6500 IS5.6 Service Sheet No.00031C £6.99

Total = £51.94