X9084R Hornby PCB 8 Pin Socket + Blank Plug K1 Star 4000 Class 8 2-HAL Drummond



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Hornby Spare Part to fit various DCC ready Locos including K1 Class Locomotives R3242, R3243, R3243A, R3417, R3418, R3532, R3671; 2-HAL Locomotives R3260, R3290, R3290A; Duke of Gloucester Class 8 Locomotives R3168, R3191, R3192, R3236, R3244TTS; Drummond 700 Class Locomotives R3238, R3239, R3240; Star 4000 Class Locomotives R3165, R316X, R317X

This part will likely also fit various other locomotives, please check out your locomotive’s service sheet.

Hornby Service Sheets No.398 (Star 4000 Class), No.400/B + No.405 (Class 8), No.402 (2-HAL), No.408 (Drummond 700) and No.410/B (K1 Class)

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