X9072 R8099 Hornby 4× Couplings + Hook King 8F Black 5 Patriot Royal Scot Fowler


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Hornby Spare Part to fit some King Class (2003, Service Sheet No.260), 8F Class (2003, SS261), Black 5 (2002, SS257), Patriot Class (2007, SS307), Royal Scot (2008 ,SS305), Fowler Tank (2003, SS262)

Please be aware these are NOT NEM couplings, but are the couplings Hornby brought out before the NEM couplings. For example, they will NOT fit 2017 models of the Fowler Tank (2-6-4T) locomotives, but will fit the 2003 models. Please make sure these are the couplings that you need, feel free to send me a message to check. You can also check the appropriate Service Sheet to make sure.

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