X8030 (M1144) Hornby Spare 10 Traction Tyres for Tender Drive Locos



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Hornby Spare part to fit the following tender driven locos:

Class A4  – Service Sheet No.117/A

Class 2800 – Service Sheets No.236/A and No.277/B

Class A1 and A3 – Service Sheet No.204

King Class – Service Sheet No.206/B

Class B17-4 Footballer – Service Sheets No.207/B and No.255/B/C

Hunt Class – Service Sheet No.212

Duchess Class – Service Sheet No.223

Schools Class – Service Sheet No.226

Patriot Class – Service Sheets No.237, No.280 and No.287

8F Class – Service Sheet No.241

Black 5 Class 5MT UK Made – Service Sheet No.242

Saint Class – Service Sheet No.243

Gordon – Service Sheets No.247 and No.269

James the Red Engine – Service Sheet No.282

Please check out the service sheet for your locomotive to ensure you are getting the right part. If you have a particularly old tender drive loco with Ringfield Motor Units Type 2 and 3 then you will likely need the smaller traction tyre, X8029 (old code S8318). X8030 are approximately 14-15mm in diameter – tricky to measure though!

I have been informed by a customer that these tyres also fit the  Airfix 0-6-0 Fowler LMS tender.

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