X8013 Hornby Spare Metal Pantograph Kit for Class 86 Class 90 Class 91



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Hornby Spare Part to fit Locomotives of Class 86, Class 90, and Class 91

Class 86: Hornby Service Sheets No.271/C/D and No.232/C; Locomotives R2120, R2159, R2159A, R2160, R2160A, R2160/A, R2290A/B/C/D, R2240, R2241A, R2241B, R2242, R2243, R2331, R2362, R2414, R2415, R2596, R2755

Class 90: Hornby Service Sheets No.273/E, No.209/B/C and No.359C; Locomotives: R2005, R2067, R2109A, R2109B, R2110, R2291A, R2291B, R2292, R2330, R2358, R2473, R2482, R2588, R2663, R2663A, R2955, R3053, R3077, R3139, R3350

Class 91: Hornby Service Sheet No.285/C; Locomotives: R2427, R2427A, R3001, R3133, R3365

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