X6170 Hornby Spare Drawbar for 2011 Castle Class Locomotives SS346C



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Hornby Spare Part to fit New Castle Class Locomotives R2822, R2848, R2849, R2850, R2852, R2958

Hornby Service Sheet No.346C

This part is also listed on Hornby Service Sheet No.351B as the drawbar for the Class 2800 Locomotives R2915, R2916, R2916X, R2917, R2917X, R3005 and R3005X. However, I have been advised by a customer that this part may not actually fit those locos as the hole on the loco end of the drawbar is not large enough. They have found that X7025, a King Class drawbar, is a good replacement. We have this part for sale listed separately, please check out our other items if you are interested. (Please note: this is NOT official advice from Hornby or from ourselves here at AC Models Spares M Ltd, I am just passing along a tip from another customer! Do with it what you will.)

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