W8614 Scalextric Tyres Ford Lola, TVR T400R, Nissan GT-R Drift, Start Endurance


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Scalextric Spare Part to fit Ford Lola C2366, C2367, C2482, C2483, C2660; TVR T400 R C2453, C2454, C2532W, C2533W, C2590, C2591, C2618, C2657; and Nissan GT-R Drift C299; Nissan GT-R DPR C1278, C2991, C3072, C3174, C3244W; Start GT Endurance Cars C3120W and C3121W from Start GT Endurance Set 1251

Scalextric Service Sheets No.347/B/C, No.356, No.447, No.448/B

Shipping Band A