NEW Hornby Live Steam R2367 Silver Link A4 LNER Tender Top Spares


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NEW Hornby Live Steam R2367 LNER ‘Silver Link’ A4 loco tender top, as pictured, with the ‘coal’ load. This one was factory wrapped in bubble wrap, so I just unwrapped it for the photographs. We thought that we only had one new one of these, but in fact we had two. This is the last one, definitely. There is a small packet with the tender top with 4 chassis-to-tender mounting bolts.

This is one of the very few new and unused Live Steam tender tops which we have. We do also have a few new Live Steam loco bodies.

You can look up the loco that this body has been taken from on Hornby service sheet 274.

We do also have many new Hornby Live Steam spare parts, including new loco bodies and new tender tops, and used chassis, tenders, bodies and tender tops, separately listed.

If you have any questions, please just ask. We will be listing more Hornby Live Steam chassis and bodies etc as time allows.

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