IXION O Gauge IX1B 0-6-0 Standard Contractors Tank Hudswell Clarke Spares Repair



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This UK Free Post Buy It Now; is for a ‘Spares or Repair’, incomplete O Gauge, all black, Ixion Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 Standard Contractors Tank. We are listing this as used because we don’t know its history, it is not boxed and the wheels and axles are missing, as pictured. Apart from being a bit dusty in places from sitting ready to be photographed for over a month, this ‘Spares or Repair’ loco is in excellent condition.

We have removed the base plate to check as much as we can can and we can confirm that the drive gears are in place and that when power was applied to the copper pick-ups you can see in the photos, the motor ran and the gears turned. From this inspection it would appear that the only issue with this all black loco is that it does not have any wheels or axles, but we have of course not been able to run it. Since there are not any wheels or axles we are offering this incomplete loco at a substantially reduced price – as a complete, all black loco it would be £249.99

 We do also have some other Ixion locos listed, so please check out our other items. Thank you.

This Loco is DCC and Sound Ready. This means that it will work when 12 volts DC (analogue) is applied to it but would only need for you to plug your decoder
(chip) in for use with a digital (DCC) system. There is also a mounting point
for your speaker, should you want to make it into a sound loco.

This loco has an injection moulded body and diecast chassis,
so it is not only well detailed but also very heavy. The picture showing the interior of the cab has been over exposed so that you can see the coloured, superbly detailed interior. There is nothing else with this ‘Spares or Repair’ loco.

The Buffers are all sprung loaded, the cab interior is very well appointed, and it has separately applied pipework and brasswork.

 The manufacturer lightly lubricates these locos so no further lubrication should be necessary for while.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get yourself this ‘Spares or Repair’ Ixion O Gauge Hudswell
Clarke Tank, especially as our UK Free Post Buy It Now; is just £149.99.