Hornby Springs for Bogies + Drawbars ×10 Incorrect Hornby Label X8329



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Hornby Spare Part to fit Various Models – 10 Springs

These springs have ben incorrectly labelled by Hornby as X8329. However, they are not X8329 as they are a different size to the Ringfield motor springs.

These springs are useful for both replacing lost or weak bogie springs, as well as for drawbar springs on some locomotives. There are, of course, other uses for these springs. Please note that the springs do tend to wind themselves together, making it appear that there are fewer in the pack, so you may well need to separate them before use.

Please take care when handling these springs as they are very easy to lose. If you squeeze one and it breaks free you have very little chance of finding it again – less loyal even than the One Ring was to Gollum.

The springs are 9mm long and have a diameter of 5.5mm, as best as we can measure. If you need a shorter spring then you can, of course, cut them down very easily.

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