Hornby Live Steam R2566 Flying Scotsman Double Tender Loco Body + 1 Tender Body


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Hornby Live Steam LNER A3 Flying Scotsman loco body and first tender body from Hornby R2566 Twin Tender Flying Scotsman loco, as pictured. The loco front steps are missing but far more importantly the chimney is still attached. There is not any imitation coal in the tender body but apart from that these bodies are in very good condition. If you look at the picture showing the inside of the bodies you will see that the protective metal foil inside the loco body looks to be as clean as the day it was made. To distinguish this Flying Scotsman body from other Flying Scotsman bodies it has the famous Pegler crest on each side of the cab, rather than the normal 4472 number. This crest was used on the Flying Scotsman when it toured USA.

Hornby service sheet 283 covers the Live Steam A3 locos but not specifically this version

We do also have many other Hornby Live Steam spare parts, including new loco bodies and new tender tops, and used tenders, bodies and tender tops, separately listed.

If you have any questions, please just ask. We will be listing more Hornby Live Steam items as time allows.

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