Hornby R2492 Live Steam BR A3 Papyrus Loco + Tender Chassis Spares or Repair


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Hornby Live Steam R2492 BR Papyrus loco chassis and tender chassis. These chassis have not been tested and being offered on a ‘Spares or Repair’ basis, for spare parts. The wheels resist being turned, although they can of course be turned -I have been advised by a Live Steam expert that this is most likely because these chassis have seen very little use. It is the one in the photos, and is the only one that we have got.

We do also have many new Hornby Live Steam spare parts, separately listed.

You can look this loco up on Hornby service sheet 283.

If you have any questions, please just ask. We will be listing more used Hornby Live Steam chassis and bodies as time allows.

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