C8431 Scalextric Spare FF Motor for Ford Escort, Lotus Cortina, Formula E + more


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Scalextric Spare Part to fit various cars – Please check out your car’s service sheet to ensure you are buying the correct part.

Ford Escorts: C2643, C2757, C2798, C3920, C2966, C3029, C3099, C3113, C3212, C3313, C3369A (Eddie Stobart Rally Escorts Set), C3440, C3463AW – Scalextric Service Sheet No.386/B/C/D/E/G/J

Ford Lotus Cortina: C2913, C2951, C2981A, C2991W, C3023, C3096 – Scalextric Service Sheet No.433/B/C

Ford Escort MkII: C3369A (Eddie Stobart Rally Escorts), C3416, C3483, C3559W – Scalextric Service Sheet No.486B

Ford Escort MkI DPR: C3592, C3635 – Scalextric Service Sheet No.507

Also fits the following cars. Although I don’t have service sheets for them, this list comes from the Hornby Technical Team

Ford Escort MkI: C3489, C3934, C4204, C4237, C4295, C4314, C4421, C4437A, C4437B

Ford Escort MkII: C4291, 4323

Reliant Regal Van: C4193, C4259

Only Fools and Horses Twin Pack: C4179A

Rover Vitesse: C4299

Formula E: C4230, C4285, C4315

Ford Lotus Cortina: +C4330

Mini Miglia: C4344

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