X9962 (X6480) Hornby Spare 10 Traction Tyres for T9 Class 4-4-0 (+ Class 2P)



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Hornby Spare Part to fit T9 Class 4-4-0 Locomotives R2690, R2711, R2711X, R2713, R2713X, R2813, R2829X, R2830, R2830X, R2889, R2892, R2952, R3108

Hornby Service Sheet No.333D/E

We have been informed by a customer that these tyres also fit his Hornby Class 2P 4-4-0 Locomotive R3315 as a replacement for part X6480 Traction Tyres. X6480 is shown on Hornby Service Sheet No.373 as the Traction Tyres for  R3028 and R3209.

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