X9236 Hornby Spare Wire Joiners ×18 for Class 31 50 56 60



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Hornby Spare Part to fit:

Class 31 Locomotives R2413, R2413A, R2413B, R2420, R2420A, R2421, R2526, R2571, R2572, R2573, R2649, R2754, R2803XS, R2900XS, R2963, R2963X, R3035XS, R3044, R3044X, R3661, R3674, R3675

Hornby Service Sheets No.267/B/D/H, No.361 and No.439

Class 56 Locomotives R2645, R2646, R2647, R2648, R2750, R2751, R2752, R2776, R2864, R2962, R2962X, R3050, R3052

Hornby Service Sheet No.310B/D/E/F/H

Class 50 Locomotives R2348, R2349, R2350, R2374, R2408, R2427, R2428, R2429, R2474, R2486, R2487, R2499, R2575, R2641, R2748, R2749, R2793, R3054, R2802XS, R2901XS

Hornby Service Sheet No.270/C/D/G/H/J and No.370

Class 60 Locomotives R2488, R2489, R2490, R2577, R2604, R2639, R2640, R2746, R2747, R2883, R3051, R3141, R3150, R3479

Hornby Service Sheet No.286/D/E/F/H

Shipping Band A