X9086W X9076W X9147W Hornby Spare Valve Gear Set for Black 5 Class 5MT Weathered



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Hornby Spare Part to fit Weathered Black 5 5MT Class Locomotives R2258, R2360, R2450, R2525

We have inspected 3 different numbered valve gears for the Black 5 Locomotives, X9086, X9076 and X9147. They are all appear to be completely identical, we cannot find any differences between them. This listing is for the Weathered versions to fit the locomotives listed above. However, they will also fit non-weathered versions of the Black 5 Locomotives. If you have any further knowledge of these valve gears and why they have been given different numbers, we would welcome any insights you have.

Hornby Service Sheet No.257/B/E

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