X8202 Hornby Spare Motor and Worm for Various Locos



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Hornby Spare Part to fit R351, R382, R760B, R1075, R1077, R1097, R1125, R1126, R2006W, R2111, R2123, R2155A, R2155B, R2155C, R2157A, R2157B, R2163, R2164A R2164B, R2186A, R2186B, R2186C, R2198A, R2239, R2256, R2274, R2324, R2325, R2328A, R2328B, R2333, R2334, R2400A, R2401, R2468, R2469, R2534, R2540, R2541, R2546, R2657, R2658, R9050, R9066, R9067

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