X4026 Hornby 5Pole Motor A1 A3 A4 Q1 N15 Patriot 9F Black 5 Merchant Scot BoB WC



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Hornby Spare Part to fit China made Locomotives: Class A1, A3, A4, Q1 Merchant Navy, Royal Scot, Patriot, Black 5, Railroad Black 5, Railroad 9F, Princess, Duchess, Railroad 4-6-0 County of Cornwall, West Country, Battle of Britain

Also fit as: X9362/M, X7655, X7612, X7512, X75221, X7218, X7188 – however, you may need to change the worm gear, as these motors have the X4026 suited worm.

These motors are second hand and will be tested before they are sent out. We have received them without part numbers and have done our best to discover what they are. Please let us know if you have any further information.

Hornby Service Sheet Nos. 223, 249, 251, 257B, 262B, 267, 268C, 275, 316, 317, 328, 330C, 366B, 339, 342, 344, 358B, 388

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