W8101 Scalextric Spare 1990s F1 Front + Rear Tyres Set



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Scalextric Spare Part to fit F1 cars

Formula 3 Cars: C613, C616, C693, C698, C2018, C2075, C2095W, C2112, C2319W – Scalextric Service Sheet No.300/B/C

Benneton 193: C546W, C583, C2106, C2114 and Williams Renault FW15C: C226W, C227, C533W, C584, C2012 – Scalextric Service Sheets No.309/B and No.330

McLaren Mercedes MP4-10: C585, C685, C2004, C2105, C2124 and Ferraris: C410, C2011 Scalextric Service Sheet No.310/B/C

Jordan 197: C2079, C2080, C2126, C2127 – Scalextric Service Sheet No.318/B

F3 and F1 High Nose Cars: C616, C698W, C2016, C2074, C2096W, C2113, C2318W, C2440W, C2459, C2460 – Scalextric Service Sheet No.320/B

Ferrari 643: C2011, C2011W, C2108, C2115 – Scalextric Service Sheet No.327

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