Corgi Spares Aviation Archive Aircraft Metal Cradle for 1:72 B-25 Mitchell AA353


Aviation Archives

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Corgi Aviation Archives Collector Series Aircraft Metal Cradle for 1:72 Scale B-25 Mitchell Diecast Models AA353

I have taken extra photographs and included coloured lines so you can best see the dimensions. Measured as best I can with a school ruler, they are as follows:

1st picture
Darker blue line: approx 43mm
Pale blue line: approx 32mm

2nd picture
Green line: approx 22mm
Yellow line: approx 38mm
Red line: approx 21mm
Purple line: approx 32mm
Black line: approx 60mm
Blue line: approx 43mm
Pink line: approx 61mm

3rd picture:
White line: approx 31mm

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