C8301 (W9049) Scalextric Motor for Moto GP + BSB Motorbikes + Formula 1 F1 Cars



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Scalextric Spare Part to fit British Super Bikes BSB Motorbikes C6014, C6015, C6018, C6019 and Moto GP Motorbikes C6000, C6001, C6002, C6003, C6004, C6005, C6006, C6007, C6008, C6009, C3010, C6011, C6012, C6013, C6016, C6017, C6020, C6021, C6022, C6023

Scalextric FF motors are fitted with new a pinion gear. They are used from 2004 to the present day in the Scalextric Moto GP and BSB motorbike models.

Scalextric Service Sheets No.361/B/C and No.388

This motor also fits the Australian Limited edition Holden L34 Toranas shown on Service Sheet No.451C: C3030, C3214, C3304, C3492 and C3529


These motors are also the same as W9049, with the exception of a different pinion. W9049 uses a BLACK (11 tooth) pinion gear, whereas this has a WHITE (9 tooth) pinion gear. If you need a black pinion gear, I have these available for sale under part number W8200. Below is a list of F1 cars that this motor will fit.

C2581, C2582, C2648, C2649, C2723, C2724, C2780, C2781, C2863, C2864. C2987, C2988: Renault F1 + Renault F1 digital

C2583 C2583D, C2584, C2616W, C2646, C2647: Williams F1 + Digital

C2667, C2668 McLAREN F1

C2676, C2676D, C2677, C2751, C2752, C2752D (in C1202) C2860, C2989: Ferrari F1 2004 + Digital

C2706, C2707, C2708, C2709, C2741, C2742, C2743, C2744, C2745, C2746: A1 Grand Prix + Digital

C2715, C2716, C2817, C2817, C2840: Honda Racing F1 + Digital

C2806, C2813, C2837, C2865, C2866: McLaren Mercedes MP4-21 F1 + Digital/DPR

C3043, C3046: McLaren MP4-25

C3047, C3048: BRAWN F1 GP

C3146, C3147: Mercedes GP Petronas

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