Bespoke Listing 6 for B Head – Scalextric Spares


W10815, W10795, W10788, W8112, W8100

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This is a bespoke listing for one person only. If you are not that person please do not buy this listing. If you do, your purchase will be cancelled; we will not be able to refund you the PayPal fees and you will lose these if we have to cancel your order.

1 × W10815 Scalextric Spare Underpan for Holden L34 Torana Bathurst No.7 C3529 £7.99

1 × W10795 Scalextric Spare Underpan for Ford XB Falcon 1977 Bathurst C3530 £4.99

2 × W10788 Scalextric Accessory Pack for Ford Falcon XB Bathurst 1977 No.13 C3530 – £5.99ea = £11.98

10 × W8112 Scalextric Spare 27 Tooth Contrate Gears x5 – £1.99ea = £19.90

1 × W8100 L7085 Scalextric Spare 100 White 9 Tooth 9T Pinion Gears for Inline Motors £75.00

Total = £119.86